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Green Travel Index – new platform and consistent labeling for sustainable travel

Those who want to book a sustainable journey now have a much easier time: the Green Travel Transformation project in autumn 2017 paved the way for more resource-efficient travel with a “double hit”. In September, the Green Travel Index platform went online, providing information on sustainable hotels, restaurants and other tourist attractions in Germany and around the world. Since October, the “Bistro Portal” consulting and offer comparison system adabted the Green Travel Index standardized label for sustainable certified hotel offers. It is the system most widely used in Germany for bookings in travel agencies.

Many Germans also consider the sustainability aspect to be relevant for holiday travel – but only a small proportion of them actually book certified offers, as the Green Travel Transformation project found out in a representative survey. An important reason for this was the lack of available information both in private research, for example on the Internet, and for travel agents, ie. employees in travel agencies. With the new platform Green Travel Index and the neutral labeling this will be different now.
Different travel providers will use the new label in their travel agencies and make sustainable hotel offers visible. They are supported by the Green Travel Transformation practice partner travel bridge, the develper of Green Travel Index, which combines sustainable hotels certified by recognized organizations worldwide in a database that is constantly updated. Currently, the Green Travel Index platform, which feeds from this database, includes more than 4400 offers.
In addition to the electronic identification in the booking system, the tour operator Thomas Cook will also include the license plate in the catalogs that will be published at the end of October and cover travel for the summer of 2018. Other organizers will follow.
In future, resource-saving travel will also be boosted through personal sales talks: Green Travel Transformation and GTI are currently working with the German Travel Association (DRV) to develop a comprehensive training program for the sale of sustainable travel. Travelers who want to get detailed information about sustainable travel agency offers will soon be in good hands there.