How does a supplier become sustainable certified


we appreciate your interest in sustainability and would like to answer a few questions about participating in the Green Travel Index.

Below we have listed the partner certificates listed with us, which will help you to integrate sustainability or to further develop the already started processes in your company. All our partner certificates or sustainable management organizations in accordance with internationally recognized criteria, so that we ask you to contact our partners directly with our partner certificates. Simply use the contact button.

Please understand that we cannot give individual recommendations as we place great faith in each of our partner certificates and we have to be neutral to all of them. Please don’t hesitate to contact those who may fit into your philosophy and region.

Your GTI Team

What requirements do I need to attend the Green Travel Index?

To participate in the marketing of Green Travel Index, you first need a recognized and valid certification. This should have been completed by one of the partner certificates, which you will find below in our list.

Another condition is that the certification was carried out on the basis of the global criteria for sustainable tourism, the GSTC.

If you meet this requirement, you can fully share in marketing through Green Travel Index and register here.

I have already started to develop my business in sustainability, but I have not got any certification yet. What can I do?

In principle, all certificates or sustainable management programs that work with Green Travel Index are internationally recognized certifiers that meet the minimum criteria of the GSTC (Global Sustainable Tourism Council) standard. They do not understand their job as a certifier of a completed process solely, they will accompany your process of integration and further development of sustainability if you are interested.
For us, sustainability means a continuous process that helps to make your business more competitive with green investments and thus offer their guests a perceptible advantage.
In order for tour operators and distributors to be able to recognize that the criteria of sustainability are met, validation by one of our registered partners is required.

You will find a list of our partners below:

I have not dealt with sustainability yet and I would like to invest in sustainability. Who can help me to implement my own sustainable strategy that is meaningful for my company so that I can participate in the marketing process of the Green Travel Index?

Our partners, listed alphabetically in alphabetical order, understand their role as providing individual advice and advice to any company looking to invest in sustainability. We can wholeheartedly recommend our partners and would like to leave you the choice of which certificates or management programs are appropriate for your business. Please do not hesitate to contact our partners and ask for further information.

We would like to be able to include your business in our database for the marketing of sustainable tourism providers after your validation of your sustainability (certification) has been completed.

What requirements does a a certificate or sustainable management System needs to be marketed by tour operators and travel agencies and OTA’s via the Green Travel Index platform?

The tour operators in the German market have agreed that each certificate must meet at least the core criteria of the GSTC, so that it can find a component in the organizer catalogs and the marketing. The reason is that the tourism industry in Germany has undertaken to adhere to minimum criteria for communication and implementation of sustainability. At the same time, the tourism industry is also interested in establishing a uniform professional language regulation for sustainability in the market and among the end customers. For this purpose, considerable investments have been made in the past three years in technical and logistical coordination processes, which are now reflected in the labeling of sustainability by the Green Travel Index in the market. This helps end customers as well as sales to establish a clear definition of sustainability in the market, so that the investments of the provider also find their return of investment ROI.
For Green Travel Index, sustainability is not only an investment by large companies, but also for medium-sized and smaller companies. Green Travel Index will always be interested in helping small and medium-sized businesses to participate in our sustainability marketing. This means that we are happy to support solutions and strategies that can be economically viable for even the smallest of companies.

I am sustainably certified, but my certificate is not yet one of the certificates covered by Green Travel Index or has not yet been listed as a GTI partner. What can I do?

If you have a certificate that is not yet listed on the Green Travel index page as a partner, we recommend that you first register your company with Green Travel Index and open an account.

We will then gladly contact with your certificate and check the further requirements as to whether the certificate fulfills the necessary criteria according to GSTC.

Of course, we also welcome you if you get in contact with your certificate and point out our solution so that the certificate can cooperate with us.



The Biosphere Responsible Tourism label certifies accommodations as well as restaurants, amusement parks, golf courses, attractions and many others destinations, e.g. Biosphere regions and cities.

Range: Global


EarthCheck is a global business advisory group specialising in sustainability. Its flagship product, EarthCheck Certified, is the world’s leading scientific benchmarking and certification program for the travel and tourism industry and assisted clients in more than 70 countries.

Range: Global
Ecotourism Australia – ECO Certification

Eco Tourism Australia

To inspire environmentally sustainable and culturally responsible tourism. Our definition is: "Ecotourism is ecologically sustainable tourism with a primary focus on experiencing natural areas that fosters environmental and cultural understanding, appreciation and conservation."

Range: National


The GreenSign certification program is elaborated as a linkage between ecology, economy and social responsibility for a more sustainable hotel management approach. We understand "Green" as a philosophy, the interaction between innovation, responsibility and quality minimizing business risks.

Range: Global

Green Globe

Green Globe is the premier world wide certification for tourism businesses.

Range: Global

Austrian Ecolabel for Tourism

The “Austrian Ecolabel” provides the general public with information on the environmental impact of consumer goods that arises from their production, usage and disposal and attracts the attention of consumers to alternative environmentally friendly products.

Range: National
NEPCon Sustainable Tourism Certification

Rainforest Allinace / NEPCon Sustainable Tourism Certification

The Rainforest Allinace / NEPCon Sustainable Tourism Certification is an international scheme owned and managed by Nature, Economy and People Connected (NEPCon), a global non-profit, mission-driven organization that works for sustainable land use and climate friendly solutions.

Range: Global


The “CSR-Tourism” certification programme certifies the correct “Corporate Social Responsibility” reporting of tour operators and travel agencies in Germany and other European countries.

Range: Global