The use and download of the green travel index media is restricted to registered and licenced users or companies only.

Please consider the rules for using our media:

  1. The Signet of green travel index is for online or offline use. Wherever the signet is used, the user has always refer to the certificates of the service! (Link to gti page or direct certification page)
  2. Any form of alteration to the layout or colors or other elements of the signet is prohibited
  3. If different Size or format is needed please don't hesitate to contact gti.

German 600*600 Pixel

English 600*600 Pixel

Spanish 600*600 Pixel

French 600*600 Pixel

Horizontal Neutral 530*224 Pixel
Horizontal & Neutral 552*224 Pixel
Horizontalmente & Neutral 552*224 Pixel
Horizontal & Neutre 440*224 Pixel

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