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We are delighted to see you are taking your interest in sustainability to the next level.  In order to be considered for the Green Travel Index Database and promotion you need to be a certified provider.   If you are certified or in the process of attaining your certification please go to “Add a Listing”.

If you are just beginning the journey we would be happy to guide you in the process to join the GTI database. 

Below we have listed our partner certifications, that can further support you in your efforts  to integrate sustainability and certification in your business.   All our partner certifications or sustain work in accordance with internationally recognized standard of the GSTC.

To get in contact directly with our partner certifications, please use the contact button of the certification of your choice. If you have not decided,  do not hesitate to write to several of the certifications that are suitable for you .  Please understand that we cannot give individual recommendations as we are neutral partner.

For further information please do not hesitate to contact us.


Your GTI Team

To be registered as a sustainable provider in the  Green Travel Index data base you need:

  • To be certified by a recognized and valid certification.
  • To complete the registration form of GTI.
  • To provide marketing materials to promote your service. 



Please follow one of the links to our Certification Partners.  They will guide you in the process.  If you do not have a prefered cerfication yet,  feel free to shop around. 

Introducing sustainability into your business is a big step.   Many certifications offer programs that allow you to begin the journey of sustainability with the end goal of recognizing your efforts through certification.   

Even if you are not ready for a certification we urge you to contact one of our partners to help you in this journey.

If you are a certified provider and the certification is not listed in Green Travel index we recommend you follow these steps:

  1. Register your company with Green Travel Index and provide your information.
  2. Provide information about your certification and contact.
  3. Contact your certification and encourage them to register as a Green Travel Index Partner.

The GTI team will also reach out to the certification and determine if it fulfills the requirements to be part of the database.


Biosphere is a system based on the continuous improvement and aligned with the 17SDG  to measure the contribution of tourism in the 2030 agenda, through the implementation of the culture of sustainability in destinations, companies, employees, citizens and tourists.

Range: Global


EarthCheck is the world’s leading business advisory group specialising in sustainability and destination management for the travel and tourism industry. EarthCheck’s holistic approach to responsible tourism and its world leading science enables destinations and operators to benchmark and certify their performance with confidence and surety.

Through its Total Tourism Management™ platform, EarthCheck works in partnership with clients to help plan for the future and guide the design, construction and operation of smart buildings and the responsible management of tourism destinations.

Range: Global

Eco Tourism Australia

To inspire environmentally sustainable and culturally responsible tourism. Our definition is: “Ecotourism is ecologically sustainable tourism with a primary focus on experiencing natural areas that fosters environmental and cultural understanding, appreciation and conservation.”

Range: National

Green Globe

Green Globe is the premier worldwide certification and performance improvement program developed specifically for the travel and tourism industry and is an Affiliate Member of the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO).

Green Globe assists travel and tourism companies and their related supplier businesses to improve their economic, social and environmental sustainability while being rewarded and recognized for it.

Range: Global

Green Key (FEE)

Green Key is one of the leading international ecolabels for hotels, hostels, campsites, holiday parks, small accommodations as well as conference centres, attractions and restaurants. The Green Key award is based on compliance with strict criteria in the areas of environmental management (water, energy, waste, cleaning, etc.) and sustainability education (staff, guests, suppliers, etc.). Compliance with the criteria is confirmed through a rigorous application process and verified at on-site audits. Currently, more than 3,100 establishments in 66 countries are Green Key awarded. The programme is managed by the international charity, the Foundation for Environmental Education.

Range: Global


The GreenSign certification program is elaborated as a linkage between ecology, economy and social responsibility for a more sustainable hotel management approach. We understand “Green” as a philosophy, the interaction between innovation, responsibility and quality minimizing business risks.

Range: Global

Green Star Hotel (Egypt)

The Green Star Hotel Initiative is a national eco-certification and capacity building programme tailor-made for the Egyptian accommodation sector to encourage Egyptian hotels and resorts to move towards more sustainability.

Range: National

Austrian Ecolabel for Tourism

The “Austrian Ecolabel” provides the general public with information on the environmental impact of consumer goods that arises from their production, usage and disposal and attracts the attention of consumers to alternative environmentally friendly products.

Range: National

Rainforest Allinace / NEPCon Sustainable Tourism Certification

The Rainforest Allinace / NEPCon Sustainable Tourism Certification is an international scheme owned and managed by Nature, Economy and People Connected (NEPCon), a global non-profit, mission-driven organization that works for sustainable land use and climate friendly solutions.

Range: Global


The “CSR-Tourism” certification programme certifies the correct “Corporate Social Responsibility” reporting of tour operators and travel agencies in Germany and other European countries.

Range: Global