I hereby expressly confirm that I’m a travel agent!

I agree that green travel index obtain a confirmation of my classification as a travel agent.

Special requirement for the registration as an agent / travel agent

  1. The services of green travel index are basically only reserved for employees and companies from tourism.
  2. In order to gain access to our portal at www.greentravelindex.com, a legitimation in German or English is required. Unless we are already familiar with the person, we will request a separate legitimation. This is a written record confirming an existing employment relationship in tourism.
  3. A legitimation can be:
    1. a valid Travel Agent ID card.
    2. alternatively, an employer letter on business paper with the current date and signature of the supervisor stating the duties of the applicant and his employment.
    3. for self-employed / owners, managing directors and executives, we may require a copy of the business registration.
  4. We expressly point out that the intentional, unauthorized use of our content can lead to considerable damage and, where appropriate, meet the requirements of a criminal offense and can also be pursued accordingly.